Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beauty Buy: Benefit's Sexy Little Stowaways

I love Benefit cosmetics, I just don't always want to spend $30 on one single product from their line. So this time I went to Ulta and picked up a bunch of little products. These items are great for traveling, or even trying out different things, if you haven't used many products from the company before. I love to have the chance to try out products before I decide which ones I like enough to repurchase, and which ones aren't worth the money. Keep reading as I go through the contents of my "Sexy Little Stowaways."

The whole package retails for $34.00 at Ulta, which is an incredible deal considering just one full size blush is around $26.

It comes with two mini blush colors. The first one is the ever-popular "Hoola" bronzing powder, and the second one is a pink sparkly blush called "Bella Bamba."

The bronzer is a warm-toned (meaning containing yellow undertones) matte color. 
The blush is a very shimmery deep pink.

The product packages also features 3 face products; two primers and one eye cream. 

The "Porefessional" is a tinted pore tightening face primer. This goes on before your foundation and helps to even out skin tone and texture, and prepare your face for makeup. 

"That Gal" is a brightening face primer, it has a pink toned ad works to illuminate and brighten a dull skin tone, while also creating an even texture.

"It's Potent!" is a hydrating eye cream that you would apply before any makeup to add moisture to any dry areas and keep your makeup from caking.

"Bad Gal Lash" Mascara is a great sample size to take on vacations or when you don't have a lot of space to carry loads of makeup. The applicator wand is a great size for creating volume and drama in your lashes. 

In the product package you also receive four different sample-size products; two highlighters, a eyelid primer and a lip stain.

"Sunbeam" is similar to "Highbeam" in the fact that it's a highlighter for your face, however "Sunbeam" is a bronzing highlighter, so it accentuates any area that you put it while adding a hint of a bronze glow. 

"Cha Cha Tint" is a orange/peachy lip stain that quite literally doesn't leave your lips until you take it off.

"Ooh La Lift" is a great under-eye brightener that also can double as a cheek highlighter. It accentuates and brings out areas of darkness or anywhere you want to look more prominent. 

"Stay Don't Stray" is a nude skin-color eyelid primer. It works to hold eye shadow on all day without creasing, while also bringing their true color ad vibrancy.

This gift box is labeled as "Limited Edition" so I'm sure as to how long they'll have it in retail stores, so if you're interested in this product, get your hands on it while you can!

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